2017 Spanish Dancer - SOLD OUT

2017 Spanish Dancer

10 glass / 25 bottle / 21 club

I was invited to a flamenco show in Salamanca my first summer in Spain. Being only 19, the power and raw sexuality of this art form was like nothing I had ever seen. Flamenco is a dance of seduction originated by “los gitanos” (the gypsies of Andalusia) and it blends dance, rhythmic guitar, hand clapping, and song. We drank Albariño that warm summer night and I’ll never forget it. It's a white wine produced in Galicia with a beautiful nose and a subtle peach and melon character. ¡Salud!

Wine Specs

  • Vintage 2017
  • Varietal Albariño
  • Appellation Yakima Valley
  • Vineyard Designation Crawford Vineyard
  • Alcohol % 13